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Culture is what you do. We are teaching our community youth about "mother earth," and all that she provides. More than ever we need to protect her and preserve what she naturally has given.

Growing an Immersion Program - Current & Future 

YOUTH (Learnee's) -

Hipéexnu’ has a dream to have an immersion school of its own that will target young learners; who will fill the Learnee positions. The plan for the classroom designation is to begin when the children are preschoolers.

Currently, hipeexnu' has been partnering with the Little Roots Learning center, where up to 70 toddler and preschool aged students have benefited from hipéexnu's service. 

230 J Webb Drive
Lapwai, ID 83540

Little Roots Learning Center - Lapwai, Idaho

The language has to be consistent with the same number of students for years. Since the Niimiipuu language is on the verge of extinction, our nonprofit will focus on the youth and families that has the "life mission" to save the language. The Hawaiians have led this example well, and focusing on those that will put language and culture first is vital. 
The Zoom Language classes have been showing signs of success, however, we would like to have face to face classes, in a safe way. We are preparing for some outside gatherings - digging, dancing, singing, and adding more environmental aspects to our teaching.
Building a Hipéexnu's Immersion Learning Center is our goal. Your assistance is needed
Culture is a lifestyle. Lessening modern lifestyles is a challenge, for any morbid culture. Connecting culture to our morbid language is a lost art. Our native ancestors life was a piece of art, everyday. How beautiful they lived, upon the land, the natural resources, and how they honored the land by giving place names. Our people knew this place was where there were abundant eels, moose, or roots. They knew the land and acknowledged each place with an animate name. 
When you are able to survive off the land and all her resources, you are totally connected to the greater realm of life and what is life. The Natural Environment is important for "all life." We are "Land Protectors." Our culture is a piece of art.
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