Growing an Immersion Program - Current & Future 

Location - Tiny Tots Learning Center - Lapwai ID

The language has to be consistent with the same number of students for years. Teacher(s) from the Tiny Tots and Little Roots Learning Center have been being filling the Learnee roles. Hipeexnu' wishes to seek resources to seek more Learnees.  
Instruction time for the students has been at least ten hours a week, learning from both the Head Language Instructor and advanced Learnees. Learnees are the vessels to keeping the language alive.
Hipéexnu's Immersion Learning Center is to build up more Learnees to teach the youth and keep our language and culture alive.
YOUTH (Learnee's) -

Hipéexnu’ has a dream to have an immersion school of its own that will target young learners; who will fill the Learnee positions. The plan for the classroom designation is to begin when the children are preschoolers and younger.

Currently, hipeexnu' has been partnering with the Little Roots And Tiny Tots Learning center, where up to 70 toddler and preschool aged students have benefited from hipéexnu's service. This is a partnership that is showing signs of success; with the babies easily grasping the dialect, and the teachers eager to learn.


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Little Roots Learning Center - Lapwai, Idaho

Culture is a lifestyle. Lessening modern lifestyles is a challenge, as it is for every language class. Connecting culture to the teachings is our mission.
This new year, the new Spring, brought us back together through the land. Through Charlotte Martin Foundation (CMF) and the Seventh Generation Flicker Fund, Hipeexnu' was able to take small groups of adults and youth to dig our traditional roots. 
On June 17th 2020, Hipeexnu' was awarded a $10,000 grant from Seventh Generation Fund to share with our communities to get back to the land. She's waiting...

Hipéexnu'  is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization. Contributions are tax deductible.

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