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Hipéexnu’ is a newly founded 501 (c) 3 non-profit since August of 2018;

with the professional guidance of  Hopa Mountain of Bozeman, Montana.

We were then approved in September of 2018 by the Secretary of the State of Idaho.

 - Out of thousands of Niimiipuu dialects there remains only a couple fluent elder
   speakers. There is no elder, adult, or youth that can continuously and effortlessly  
   speak any Niimiipuu dialect.
 - There is no place on this earth that one can go and be "totally" immersed in the
   Niimiipuu language and culture. Through time, hipéexnu' will make our classes more
   immersive by adding more hours to the preschoolers and toddlers; while investing in
   youth Learnee's to be the vessels to keep the language alive.
 - According to Fishmans 1991, Graded Intergenerational Disruption Scale (GIDS), This
  dialect would fall at a Level 8 - "the only remaining speakers are of grandparental age."
 - According to the EGIDS of 2010 - this dialect is at a Level 8a - "the normal cycle of
  intergenerational transmission has been broken. There may be younger adults who know the
  language, at least somewhat, but they do not regularly speak it with their peers and are not
  fully proficient." 
The majority of the projects will target and benefit Niimiipuu youth through language and cultural projects. Currently, hipéexnu' is serving the Tiny Tots and Little Roots Learning Centers students and staff. From March of 2019 to March 2020 the students have received 300 hours of language time and the teachers have been fulfilling Learnee Apprentice-like roles. Hipéexnu' will seek write and work for sources to fund young committed Learnee Mentees and Apprentices. 
Through this non-profit we will: renew, stabilize, and promote the Niimíipuu dialect by focusing on the toddlers, preschoolers, and youth. Hipéexnu'will have staff to lead the  Learnee Mentees and Apprentices to becomes vested in the language & culture for the preschoolers, toddlers, and future generations.


How We Want to Keep Holding-On
 - Clean and safe environments; where hipéexnu' staff wear mask shields; as well as               partnering staff. 
 - Focus, Consistency, & Controlling class environment by having a small student to              teacher ratio.
 - Infancy to toddlers are sponges; so they will be a priority and will receive many hours         a week learning the language.
 - Hipéexnu’ will seek out Youth (Learnees) who are committed to the culture and                 language. Youth will observe language sessions and will have a strong desire to  
   revitalize the Niimíipuu dialect!
 - Youth will learn from the Head Language Instructor by observing the  
   instructor teaching the children. Currently, this is being done at the Tiny Tots
   & Little Roots Learning Center in Lapwai, Idaho. 
 - The Learnees are youth that have a strong desire to learn the language but 
   are not sure if they want to be teachers. Being a speaker in the community is
   important too.
 - Each year, Hipéexnu' wants to add more hours of language and culture projects for 
   the youth here on the Nez Perce reservation; with goals to expand to the other
   Columbia River Tribal youth. 
 We are NOT Language Researchers. We are Indigenous Language Revitalizers!
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Hipéexnu'  is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization. Contributions are tax deductible.

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