Hipéexnu' is a native led 501 (c)3 non profit organization.  The mission of Hipéexnu' derives from the humanitarian actions of the late Dr. Horace Axtell, a Niimiipuu (Nez Perce), and a life-time resident of Idaho. Above is our logo, it is a silhouette of the Horace. The new logo was made by Travis Wilson, qe’ciyéw’yew’ Travis.

MISSION:  To Promote Protect & Revitalize the Nimiipuu (Nez Perce) Language & Cultural Arts of Life.
Culture is a lifestyle.
Language is expression.
Forever is in the youth.

There are no more fluent Nimiipuu speakers, who can hold a conversation effortlessly, and continuously. 

Since histories powerful leaders, and motivating people have showed us, that "change," happens through the youth. It is no secret, that great things can happen if everyone would invest all their resources in the youth; to become healthy giving and caring humans.

Billions of dollars is granted to language researchers that DO NOT benefit or revitalize Indigenous Languages and Cultures. We, hipeexnu', are not researchers; we are here to serve and invest in our community; at no cost.


Culture is what you do.  It's a lifestyle.

 The three cultural components we focus on:

  • Traditional Foods and Songs

  • Sustaining Identity through advocating for Nimiipuu Sahaptin Cultural and Social lifeways.

  • Protecting the Natural Environment for future generations. Always thinking Seven Generations ahead.

(Below) Youth go out on digging ventures. Being out on the land and carefully retrieving traditional foods is a project hipeexnu' needs help continuing to do. Thanks to Seventh Generation for funding the Digging project below.

Youth - Learnee
Nez Perce Laguage Immersion

Learnees are the youth that will be in Mentee and Apprentice-like positions. Learnee Apprentices will be trained "on the job," guided into learning; and using the dialect in their everyday lives. Learnee Mentees will be there to observe learn and become a speaker.

This mentoring currently takes place at one partner learning center - Little Roots Learning Center; in Lapwai, Idaho. Among the youth and adults that participate, the dialect thrives like never before. 

(Below) After students visited and learned a few Nez Perce oral stories, they made masks and re-enacted the characters.


The Niimiipuu Language and Culture is Critically Endangered. Please help us revitalize!

Hipéexnu'  is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization. Contributions are tax deductible.