They will see. This is truly us.

hipéexnu’. kíi’u núun wisíix.   

To promote protect and revitalize the Nimiipuu (Nez Perce) dialect, and cultural arts of life that connected what was once the Columbia River Tribes - the Sahaptin people
Culture is a lifestyle.
Language is expression.
Forever is in the youth.

There are no more fluent Nimiipuu speakers, who can hold a conversation effortlessly, and continuously. 

However, there is an interest and hipeexnu' will be seeking those who want to work, and do more with that interest. Since histories powerful leaders and motivating people have showed us that "change," happens through the youth; the majority of the projects and services will benefit the youth. 

Culture is what you do.  It's a lifestyle.

 The three cultural parts to be used are:

  • Culture

  • Language

  • Learnee's (youth)

The "Dream" at the end of the tunnel. Is for one day our children, or maybe our grandchildren will be able to say - "Nimiipuutimt is my first language!"

At this moment there are no highly fluent speakers on the Nez Perce reservation that can speak effortlessly and continuously in any Niimíipuu dialect. 

Learnee - youth

Learnees are the youth that will be in Mentee and Apprentice-like positions. Learnee Apprentices will be trained "on the job," guided into learning, and using the dialect in their everyday lives. Learnee Mentees will be there to observe learn and become a speaker.

This mentoring will take place at a partner learning center/ school that will allow the dialect to thrive before any dominant language because The Niimiipuu Language is Critically Endangered.

Hipéexnu'  is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization. Contributions are tax deductible.

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Hipéexnu’. kíi’u núun wisíix.   They will see. This is truly us.